Pizza party!

pizza party

We do a weekly pizza night with our neighbor friends. We each cook two pizzas and then get together and chow down. Tonight was a fabulous find by Sortachef, a prosciutto with porcini mushroom pizza that will definitely be added to our list of favorites.

A short trip for a big birthday

A few weeks ago I decided I would be the best daughter a good daughter and fly to Pennsylvania to spend time with my mom for her 70th birthday. Here's my mom and my dad, I think they're smiling extra big because their best daughter is I'm taking their photo. She doesn't look 70, does she? Happy Birthday again, Mom!

My Mom & Dad

Isn't he just incredible?


I know that people think their children are the cutest children that have ever been born. It's natural to love your children so blindly. But then there's dogs. I most certainly did not give birth to this dog, but he really is the cutest child ever.