My 100th post!

I have been watching this moment arrive trying to figure out what to do for such a monumental occasion. Here are 100 things you may or may not know about me.

1. I have red hair.
2. I own a house.
3. I moved to California when I was 24.
4. I love paper.
5. I love the smell of new books.
6. I dated my husband for nine years and five months before getting married.
7. I am fascinated by my husband's irrefutable memory.
8. I secretly read about cars and have put many men in their place when discussing automobile statistics.
9. I can't wait to go to bed every night.
10. I love Q-tips.
11. I am a graphic designer that doesn't know web design.
12. I like to take photographs.
13. I love to take my dogs to the beach.
14. I love that I live near the beach.
15. I like to sew.
16. I love flamingos.
17. I stare into my dogs eyes.
18. I often wonder what my dogs are thinking.
19. I do not have a diamond engagement ring.
20. I have two sisters and one brother.
21. I am the youngest sibling in my family.
22. I have been an aunt since age 12.
23. I am known to my family as Baby Heather or Aunt Baby.
24. All of my computers have been named LBH for Little Baby Heather.
25. I listen to Jimmy Buffett.
26. My next car will be a classic Mini Cooper.
27. I love to take my dogs for car rides.
28. I refer to my car as the swirling tornado of dog hair.
29. I like to gun the engine just so Thomas will yell about how much gas I just used.
30. I love to cook.
31. I find baking fun.
32. Whenever I bake I dirty every bowl in the kitchen.
33. I love to read cookbooks.
34. I love In-N-Out burgers.
35. I like wine.
36. I buy wine based on the label.
37. I brag about my husband's cooking ability.
38. I sleep with my iPhone under my pillow.
39. I am hugely possessive.
40. I love shoes.
41. I love purses.
42. I have an entire wall of my home dedicated to my purse collection.
43. I love my birthday.
44. I crave sushi.
45. I have a room full of art supplies that don't get used enough.
46. I am the tallest kid in my family.
47. I am 5' 10 1/2" tall.
48. I hate to clean.
49. I love to garden.
50. I built a deck with my husband.
51. I built a retaining wall out of 75 lb. bricks with my husband and mother-in-law.
52. I built a kitchen cabinet with my dad.
53. I have no spacial reasoning.
54. I love letters in the mail.
55. I collect individual letters.
56. I like a dirty martini.
57. I am trying to grow my hair long.
58. I love the color orange.
59. I am very ticklish.
60. I am a freelance graphic designer.
61. I love going out for breakfast.
62. I love sunrises and sunsets.
63. I want a telescope so I can become a better backyard astronomer.
64. My favorite city is London.
65. I dread turning 30.
66. I can install large wall size graphics with my bare hands.
67. I owned a yarn store before I really knew how to knit.
68. I love to crochet.
69. This was my locker number in high school.
70. I hate to knit with cotton.
71. My husband has banned me from purchasing anymore wrapping paper.
72. I love Sharpies.
73. I love tape.
74. I love to write letters.
75. I have an unintentional collection of vases.
76. I like quiet.
77. I don't like to read books.
78. I love to start a new project.
79. Sometimes I drink the wine before I've finished making the meal.
80. I installed a gas cooktop with my husband.
81. I love nail polish.
82. I am not good with makeup.
83. My legs are longer than my husband's and he is 6' 4".
84. I love the smell of a new book.
85. I baby my Oakley sunglasses.
86. I can roll my tongue.
87. I can hum and whistle at the same time which really annoys my dogs.
88. I was the only one in my wedding party that did not wear white.
89. I have oddly short pinkie fingers.
90. I have a collection of rulers.
91. I love to go to bed early.
92. I love to come home to my dogs.
93. I love a good sale.
94. I love old dishes.
95. I like vintage tea towels.
96. I wish my furniture was more modern, or maybe just my couch.
97. I don't understand how computers work.
98. I love coffee.
99. I love tea.
100. I am generally a happy person.