In my previous post, I listed one hundred things about me. I unfortunately forgot my strongest skill. This skill is not listed on my resume. I certainly would not discuss it in a job interview, however I am very completive with this skill. Frequently contested, my skill is unmatched and undefeated. It has been the topic of many a lunchroom discussion. When performed it brings with it fits of giggles. It is not something I brag about to others, unless those others are under the age of 16.

What is this skill? I can burp.

Now when I say burp, I mean shake the walls, frighten your pets, displace the air so your hair quivers. This is the thing legends are made of. I am legendary, at least to my niece and two nephews. They have conversations about Aunt Heather's belching that always end in fits of giggling.

Most others find my skill disgusting. I can't say I blame them, but this will not stop me.