Myth busted

I've been under the weather for the last few days, and in this house that means nothing changes. I am not allowed extra rest, a free pass to whine or a night off from making dinner. Thomas depends on me to keep the essential happenings of life in order. (You know... stuff like feeding the dogs, knowing what day it is and remebering where he last removed his slippers.) Therefore, I can't change my behavior in the slightest way because this would then throw off my husband's circadian rhythm and everything would spontaneously burst into flames.

So last night, after making dinner, I curled up on the couch with Thomas all ready to watch the new two hour Myth Busters special. I started by sitting. Henry came over and wanted some petting, and I leaned on the couch arm. Henry was really being soppy and desperate for attention so I rested my head on the arm and he put his head on my chest. Everything was great. I was relaxing, Thomas was happy and Henry was sated. As the show progressed my blinks steadily slowed, until finally I wasn't blinking anymore. Thomas woke me and insisted I go to bed. "No," I argued, "I'm awake!"

"Well, then sit up."

"I can't, I'll stay awake, I promise."

"Wake up."

"What? I'm not sleeping!"

"Yes, you are. Sit up or go to bed."

"OK, I'll sit up, I really want to watch this," I say as I shift myself upright.

Thirty seconds elapses.

"Wake up."

I had done something unbelievable, the unthinkable, the unimaginable. I fell asleep sitting up. I FELL ASLEEP SITTING UP! I know I've learned a lot of things from my Dad, but this skill snuck in unexpectedly!