Old friend, new blog

Meet Sue! She's my favorite friend and she's started a blog!

Sue is mom to Ruby, an adorable sassy one year old. Her blog includes stuff about mommyhood, great books to read to your tot, modern conveniences for busy moms and good beer recommendations.

Bride and her Matron

Here we are prepping for my wedding, we look so fancy and put together, HA! Five minutes before this photo was taken, my mom came in the room to find us sitting on the floor, in our dresses shoveling sushi into our mouths. Then my poor mom tried to iron out the wrinkles from my dress, yes while I was inside of the dress, and burned my bum with steam. All I remember is Sue laughing hysterically at the entire situation.

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Sue's blog: @ny price, go here to check it out, and don't forget to comment!