I learned to surf!

Ok, well I was taught some surfing skills by this cute girl named Grace. We know the family through my knitting group and were at their new beach home for a party. Grace decided to go hit the waves and somehow I agreed to give it a try! I borrowed one of her wetsuits and a big soft board and took off down the steps. The waves were mild and the tide was going out so the whole experience was fun and mellow. We stayed in the water for about a half an hour. I caught a couple belly rides, turned the board back to the sunset and paddled out again. I managed to get up to my knees and had a ton of fun. Thanks, Grace!

A puppy party!


Tonight we got to meet this little cutie. Jaila came over to play for a while and this little 3 year old Boxer certainly wore out Henry and Lola. This happy girl was a ton of fun and a huge lover! She needs to come back again and bring her parents!


Jaala and Thomas

And just in case you missed him, here's my boy. Henry just turned eight and is still as crazy as ever!