Bloggy hiatus

I seem to have taken an unintentional vacation from blogging and all things internet related. I've still be toting my camera around with me so at least the last few days have not gone by undocumented!

All the baking I did was so much fun. Here is the chocolate mousse, apple pie and pumpkin pie. The chocolate mousse was the best I've ever made!

Thanksgiving baking

My apple pie experiment went perfectly. I hadn't made an apple pie before Thursday, and I was very pleased with the result!

Apple pie

We had a great time at my cousin's home for Thanksgiving dinner, although we had a little accident in the driveway!

G35 dent

Then on Friday we just did projects around the house. I washed the dogs and took pictures in the yard.

Lola shaking off after her bath

Pink carpet:


Cactus blossom:

Cactus blossom

Angel's trumpet tree (that I nearly killed prior to planting, now it's blooming!):

Angel's trumpet tree

Sassy Lola:

Sassy Lola

Saturday was completely lazy. I stayed in bed for a while and Lola came to join me. Thomas threw the covers over her and she stayed all cuddled up for a long nap.

Lola snoozing

All in all it was a much-needed, quiet, restful weekend. The morning will bring a busy week of freelance jobs.