A pink morning


Good morning. I've been thinking about this pink verbena for the last few days. So today we have a pink morning.

It's very hot here in Southern California this week, today is a high of 81. Which might not sound like much, but when it is usually 72 with a cool ocean breeze, the hotter temperatures are very noticeable. There is no breeze, no air conditioning and no clouds to break the heat from the sun even for a moment.

Hopefully it will break soon and we can go back to the weather I prefer to brag about!

I also found some newly blooming fuchsia. Fuchsia has always seemed to me to be hard to grow. Until now. We have these plants as 'leftovers' from our wedding. I'm so thrilled they are not only still alive, but that they are blooming!


And lastly, the sky was just such an incredible shade of blue, which means the ocean will look fantastic today, that I had to stage a photograph.

Here is my coffee cup (a gift from the World's Best Mother-in-law) and that fabulous sky.

Blue sky