A Project for Sunday

Because of the fact that we worked so hard before our wedding, we have not been doing any projects around the house. Well, until today. We were given three Bansky photographs from Thomas' Aunt Penni and Uncle Simon.

They arrived from England matted in white but unframed. We went out and bought frames, put the photos in the frames, but oops! The standard metric matte size is about 1/2 smaller all around than our 20x24 inch American frames.

Luckily, Thomas gave me a matte cutter last Christmas. We thought we could get off easy and not have to cut mattes, but it turned out not to be that simple. I went back to the framing store, found a red matte that matches the red wall in our living room, ordered it, waited a week, went back to the framing store and collected our matte.

So today, framing. We measured and measured, stood back to think, measured some more and finally settled on a 3.5 inch boarder around each picture.

Matte boards for Banksy prints

Then we put the the border in the frame, followed by the matted photograph and then the backer board.

Framing our Banksy prints

And here's what we have! We're thrilled with the result! Graphic, bold, anti-authority prints. Perfect.

Banksy prints