My new best friend: PocketMod

About five minutes after yesterday's post about making lists to accomplish tasks, my sister calls. (This was totally out of the blue, I never talk to my sister.) She says, "You know how I need a to-do list?"

She hadn't yet read my blog. "Yes," I say.

"You know how I always forget to look at my Palm, and I hate to carry around a huge day planner?"

"Uh, huh?"

"Go to this website,," she instructs.

Alright, now I love this little thing! It's a free little day planner that has eight booklet pages created by some clever paper folding. The website has tons of different templates for each booklet page, everything from the coveted to-do list to calendars and games.


My PocketMod for this week includes some sketch pages, a grocery list and a few calendars.


So go to the website and give it a try. A little morning origami never hurt anyone!