Happy 16th Birthday Bradley

Bradley, age 4

Today is my nephew's 16th birthday. I can't believe it. It doesn't seem like it's possible that he's practically a grown-up! I've put together some of my favorite photos of the little guy!

I remember when he was just a cuddly baby, he was cute ...me, not so much. This is his first Christmas.

Bradley and a teen Heather

He's always been a happy kid. Who know anyone could get that excited over his birthday cake? I've always loved this photo just because of his sheer excitement!

Bradley, age 2

I took this next photo at my 18th birthday. He was so cute, always wanting to sit next to me. It looks like we enjoyed some more birthday cake, (look at Nancy back there... always trying to get in the photos!)

Bradley, age 3

But popping into photos is just family tradition. (There's a picture of his mother running through a wedding picture, here.)

Even with bunny ears, look what a cute little kid he was!

Bradley, age 7

He's been so cute, I wish he could stay little. Happy birthday Brad! Have a great day, and good luck on the driving test!

Aunt Heather