Sally Melville

If you're a knitter you definitely recognize the Knit Stitch. I've taught lots of things out of this book, read the lesson, and learned lots of things. I've also thought it to be a bit strange style-wise. I never imagined I'd have the pleasure of listening to Sally Melville herself speak.

Sally Melvile: knitter extraordinaire

She's a very intelligent and articulate woman, discussing knitting and how it moves you to be patient. She didn't give the typical knitting guild trunk show but rather an inspiring talk about how knitting not only relaxes, but motivates and brings people together. How knitting isn't about the time you put into a project but rather the love of knitting. How knitters are the only people that are excited the doctor is running late.

A positive speech capped off with this quote from Albert Einstein: "The most significant decision we make is whether we live in a friendly or hostile universe."

I totally agree.