A house guest

House guest

Why is it when someone comes to stay at our home, I suddenly feel the need to tidy and rearrange? Thomas would be content to leave yesterday's wardrobe stuffed between the couch cushions. Me on the other hand, I run around like a maniac five minutes before people arrive. I get sweaty, exhausted and out of breath I'm in such a cyclonic frenzy.

We can live with our own mess for years, but it's only when a visitor is on their way that I decide we really shouldn't be living with dog hair dust bunnies billowing around the foyer. I not only vacuum, but for some reason I find new storage solutions. I suddenly decide my stuff looks cuter in baskets, and why didn't I ever move my orchids on to those odd shelves in the bathroom?

Orchids in the bathroom

They look so pretty in there, and they might ACTUALLY get watered!