He'll be stored in the underground mausoleum

"Ooh, hon! 'Lego Loses Its Unique Right To Make Lego Blocks, the European Department of Justice has decided that the Danish company Lego does not have exclusive rights to the lego building block anymore. Lego went to court after a Canadian firm had made blocks that were so like lego blocks that they even fitted the real blocks made by Lego. The European judge decided that the design of the lego blocks is not protected by European trade marks and so anyone can make the blocks.' DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?"

"It means Lego is in a bad place."

"NO! It means we will soon be able to buy trashcan-size containers of legos!"

"And, do what with those?"

"We could build a structure, a big lego structure in the backyard!"

"Um, no?!"

"Oh, yes hon. We could build a shed! Down in the bottom of the yard! IT COULD LOOK LIKE ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL! We could have a shed that looks like St. Paul's, perfect!"