An open letter to

Dear Jezebel,

I really hate your new layout. I love your content and have been reading your website since you were just an infant. You write articles about topics I think about and subjects that come up over coffee with friends. I frequently email your articles to loved ones. I love the Dirt Bag for my celebrity gossip needs and I belly-laugh every Friday with the Pot Psychology videos. Your stories are sharp and to the point, never filled up with unnecessary blabber. Your news articles are focused on the people and causes I like to read about each day. Your content applies to me, I am your target market, but I just don't know if I we can keep this love affair alive.

I've tried to love your new layout but it has no focus, no hierarchy of information. The article titles are lost among the post times and the most current comment. On the old Jezebel, articles had pop and interest, curious photos and quick, tasty article bites. Today, every article appears to have the same importance and they all seem boring.

I used to read your website every morning and every evening to catch up on the news and to find a funny or interesting read. But your new site is so uninteresting it no longer excites me. I think we might have to divorce if you don't fix this troubling matter. I'm sad, but this is reality.

Take care,