A sampling of history

Have you heard that the entire LIFE Magazine photo archives are on Google now? It is fully searchable by topic or decade. Flipping through one afternoon, these were some of my favorites.

Here's a mod dog house from 1956. It has two rooms and a skylight! I think Lola would love it.
LIFE: dog house

And for Henry:
LIFE: dog house

I love this high-tech girl high above New York with her brand new Polaroid.
LIFE: polaroid

And here's some ladies enjoying a glass of wine in the late '40s.
LIFE: party girls

This photo is from 1944, wartime in London. I know the subject matter is supposed to be the soldier and woman having a romantic moment, but I am far more interested in the Piccadilly Circus signs. Look at that Guinness clock! (If only my house were bigger...)
LIFE: Guiness clock

Last but not least... look who won the 1945 Westminster Dog Show.
LIFE: Scottie dog