A Christmas Miracle!

He's actually wrapping my presents!

Let me count. Thomas and I have been together for ten Christmases and I have received my share of interestingly wrapped gifts from him. In the early years, he would convince his youngest sister Emily to wrap any gifts he had gotten me. Each year he would ask a disenchanted Emily, already tired from wrapping a ton of other presents to wrap my gifts about an hour before our gift exchange and usually while I was standing right there, next to them, in their parents' home. Then after we moved in together and Emily got married and started her own family, Thomas has been on his own when it comes to wrapping my gifts. I've had packages still in their amazon.com box that have been scotched taped back together and then stuck under the tree. One time he got a gift bag and put the gift inside but forgot the critical tissue paper step. My favorite alternative wrapping solution was the year he gave me three envelopes, regular business envelopes, which inside had a printed page with a picture of the gift. He handed them to me and said, "Pick one, only one, but let me tell you one is empty."

But this year he wrapped quite a few different gifts and tucked them nicely under the tree. I just hope there's something inside them!