Happy New Year, 2009

Happy New Year

I took a semi-unintentional break from blogging this holiday season because I took a very intentional break from my computer. There were several days over the course of two weeks that I didn't even give it a passing glimpse. It felt good to get away without going anywhere. But now I'm back and I hope to bring you blogs from the nonstop excitement I call my life. Ha!

Here's a start. I got the most amazing hot pink Christmas tree this year, and when I say amazing I mean don't stare at it directly because it will eat your soul.

pink tree fun

We had a light Christmas as far as gifts go. I got a book and some new, very needed graters for the kitchen. And a fabulous new pillow that says, "Pink isn't just a color, it's an ATTITUDE." It fit perfectly under my tree.

Then the Sunday after the Christmas we declared would be "light" we bought a new washing machine on a whim. I never thought I would reach the point in my life where a new washer would make me giddy. My old washer was a scary, faux wood grain clad 1970s pumper. Have you ever seen one of those? It doesn't swish your clothes gently back and forth it jams them up and down with the fierce vigor. Great for clothing longevity. So now our clothing gets delicately coddled to cleanliness and I've washed every thing in this house save Thomas and the dogs.