Five iPhone apps I can't live without

These are my favorite apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. What are yours?

1. Google Mobile - Google is my life. I use Google for searching, gmail for email and even Google Apps to host my website. Plus there's Blogger, Calendar and Google Docs. I love them all. The Google iPhone app lets me get to all those services and then some. The voice search is just cool. And locating business near your current location is so helpful and quick. [iTunes store link]

2. Remember the Milk - The best online task management service I've ever tried. In combination with the website,, Remember the Milk stores tasks with due dates, priority, repeats and time estimates. It can also be seamlessly integrated into your Google Calendar. Use of the website is free but the iPhone app requires the purchase of a Pro account for $25/year. I think it's worth every penny for keeping my business and personal tasks organized, easy-to-use place. [iTunes store link]

3. Twitterific - I love reading Twitter when there's nothing else going on in the world. (Twitter is the online social network where you post short snippets of your life.) Twitterific makes flipping through Tweets simple and fast. It even has a built in web browser to make life easier. [iTunes store link]

4. Chess with Friends
- Want to play chess with your best friend but can't because they live on the other side of the country? Chess with Friends is the answer to all life's problems. Challenge a friend to a game and your move shows up on the opponent's phone in a matter of seconds. My dad taught me to play chess when I was about 10 but then I didn't play much through high school and college. This app has renewed my interest in chess and it's also renewed my husband's interest in whooping someone's ass at chess. [iTunes store link]

5. WikiTap
- Sometimes Google just isn't enough. Sometimes I want to know the answer to a question right away. That is why I love WikiTap, it searches the giant Look up words in the dictionary, bizarre topics of conversation or just read random articles for fun. [iTunes store link]