Should I get his opinion before I buy the fabric?

This weekend my friend Jane and I scoped out some good garage sales (and then bought over a dozen donuts which were devoured in the blink of an eye). I scored some nicely shaped terracotta pots.

new pottery

A new jar is always useful. I like to keep a few varieties of rice on hand and my basmati just didn't have a perfect home, problem solved.

new jar for rice

I also got this fun sterling silver star necklace.

silver star necklace

But the best part of all is that I came home with this wonderful chair.

new chair

I love the shape and I can't wait to recover it! I'm thinking about something like this...

The blue works in the bedroom, the red works in the living room and the print, well the print works with me! How cute would that 50s shape look with big popping flowers? What do you think?