Charming, handsome and hilarious

As a birthday treat I was going to write a long blog post about why I love my husband. Then I thought maybe I'd make a list with one reason I love him for each year he has been alive. But I didn't think he would like either of those ideas because he doesn't like me to say too much about him on my blog. So what I will say is that I think he's the best. He makes me laugh everyday, he is an amazing cook, a provider, and my best friend. He always does what I ask him to do but not without his own flair added in to the equation. Take for example, last night's birthday photo session. First:


He tells me his granddad taught him this rule: When your wife asks you to do something always say no to maintain your manliness, then do what she asked. Second:


So life with this man is always an adventure and I love it. And I'm happy to get to celebrate another year of his life with him. Happy Birthday Thomas.