The Roof: Day 2

Today was more scraping, cleaning and most of all repairing. We spent a huge chunk of the day ripping up chunks of the roof. The valley over the garage was our main problem spot where we found our never to be forgotten problem spot, THE HOLE.

the hole

THE HOLE had to go, obviously, but it will never be forgotten. So we demoed around THE HOLE.

cutting out some rotten panels

But the rot needed to be cleared from the whole area.

prybars are your friend

there's lots missing

THE HOLE turned into a beautiful skylight for the garage, so architectural!

what a nice skylight in the garage

But then... WOW!

problems fixed!

I'm kind of amazed every time I look at those boards. I can't believe we really got it all patched up and it looks great! We also managed to clean the back of the roof and put down the underlayment. But I don't have a good photo of that because the guy were yelling at me to get back to work! More tomorrow, if I can move.