Beep beep, oh shit!

beep beep!

The roof arrived! I learned how to drive a forklift and best of all the roof arrived! I may one day life in a home that doesn't rain on the inside. Wouldn't that be EXCITING? It's the little things in life, right?

roof arrival!

The big rig came with our sheets of steel. Zak did a great job of unloading our palettes safely onto the beautiful, green front lawn and driveway.

roof arrival!

But having the roof on the edge of the property wasn't good enough for these men. They decided to hop in the forklift and "just spin the palette around," put the metal "a little closer to the house." But what they managed to do was put the forklift a little closer to the water main.


About a foot into my FRONT LAWN. Oh, how lovely. Maybe I could plant some pansies around it?

And then I had the pleasure of meeting Joe and his giant tow truck.

men, tow truck, forklift

Joe saved my sanity, as you can see by the huge grin on my face while I'm standing in a GIANT HOLE on my FRONT LAWN.

thanks tow truck guy!

a tiny hole

All I can do is hope my roof does not take the same path as my FRONT LAWN and drink gin. Lots of gin.

my "lawn"

So I guess after the the roof is done we're going to redo the front yard? Who's got a sod cutter? Or maybe I should say who wants to rent another forklift and do doughnuts?