It's still summer in SoCal

Saturday we decided to go to the local Harbor Days festival. It's an aptly named gathering with lots of carnival food like funnel cakes and fresh squeezed lemonade. Just as we crossed the street from the parking lot we ran into our friends Nick and Amy. So we spent the day with them. We climbed around on a Marine hover-craft that was brought on shore for the crowds to see. We looked at all the weird stuff that was for sale, and just hung around and enjoyed the beautiful weather and harbor.


After a while we drifted back to their boat to get out of the sun and have a drink. We kicked back and had a great time chatting and just generally relaxing. We struck up conversations with the local flare that also has boats in the harbor including a seal and some pelicans that came by to say hello.


The water was calm so Nick suggested we take the boat out for a spin. No complaints here!

What an afternoon

We came up on some seals soaking up the sun. They remind me of Henry and Lola, "Excuse me, but we're napping. Please move on."

Henry & Lola of the sea

The next buoy was the place to be though. I don't think there's anymore room for you buddy...

Room for one more?

It was a great day, all spur of the moment and lots of fun. Thanks guys!

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Coming up this week: Color