Long weekend

A geranium

We're having a heatwave here in sunny SoCal. It's over 90 degrees and for us that's just plain HOT. We haven't had a heatwave like this in over three years, when I distinctly remember the local TV weather girl attempting unsuccessfully to fry an egg on the pavement. San Diegians just don't understand heat. The enormous Pacific Ocean acts like a giant air conditioner keeping our temperatures mild most of the year. We're a lucky bunch, except this week.

The dogs on the other hand cannot understand what is going on. Spread flat on the cool tile floor for the better part of the day, Henry only ventures outside when imminently necessary.

Trotting outside for the morning

We too did not spend the day in our garden. At the peak heat of the day I found Thomas laid on the cold tile floor next to Henry, with a mojito dripping intervenously into him.

At a few lucid points we managed to do some work around the house. Our goal today was to do the worst thing adults need to do, sort paperwork. Vomit. But to make us feel better we went to Fry's Electronics and bought an industrial shredder. Very exciting.