Happy Monday!


Here we are, it's Monday again. I spent my weekend trying to learn CSS, but what I really learned was that I don't even know HTML. I have always labeled myself as a "print designer" so that I could shy away from the evils of web design. I had managed solely as a print designer until just recently one of my clients kept asking me to update their website. How could I say no to a steady paycheck? I dug out my Adobe disks and installed Dreamweaver and after a few weeks I was humming along editing text. Of course, once you do a little text editing then the client needs pictures and press releases posted. Suddenly entire days were being filled with web edits! What? Begrudgingly, I decided it was about time to officially learn the internets.

And let me tell you, if you have an engineer for a husband and you start talking code not only does he not stop pawing at you but he buys you fun toys like this new little printer.


The Polaroid POGO wirelessly prints little stickers. One online review said it was "great for teen girls." To which Thomas replied, "That's how I knew you'd love it!" Thanks, hon.

Oh, and Saturday also brought this! Very exciting.

Obama Biden!