Swearing loudly is greatly frowned upon

For the month of June I've taken over a marketing job at one of the companies I do graphic design work for. I've worked in an office before but never a quiet office. The last time I sat at a cubicle was at the unusually hip office of IKEA North America more than five years ago. An office where jeans were considered "dressing up" and dancing was not unusual. After that I had a desk in the back of a massive IKEA store, at which I didn't sit much. Because we always had so many reasons to be running around fixing signs every where from the parking lot to the sofa department to the warehouse, a day at my desk was a rare treat. When I left IKEA I had my own store where there was a computer but no chair. Being in a yarn store is nothing like being at a desk, unless you'd like me to go into a lengthy comparison between needy middle-aged women and annoying bosses that are perpetually emailing you with the latest crisis.

I am again working at a desk job, but from home. I've been building my graphic design studio over the course of the last year and aside from the occassional drawing session on the deck I remain at my desk most of the day. A desk job.

Or so I thought.

As it turns out sitting at a desk at a computer hardware company is somewhat uptight, and my unnecessary gesticulating when something is not going as I had planned begins to look a little odd.

Needless to say I took a deep breath when I got home.