What a week!

Last week was such a whirlwind. I had a rush job for a new client and tons of work for my seasoned clients. I worked all weekend and straight into the week. By the time Wednesday rolled around I felt like I needed to start the day with a mimosa instead of coffee. The highlight of the week came on Thursday when we went to a party at the Playboy Mansion, and I must say, if you ever have the opportunity to go. GO. We had a great time.

Playboy Mansion

We arrived at the party a little early so we could see the property before it got dark. After coming in and having a cocktail we wandered around to the different areas. While Thomas was chatting to his colleagues about work I spotted a white peacock squawking at the guests and went over to take some pictures.

White peacock in a tree at the Playboy Mansion

To my amazement there were about a dozen peacocks, white and blue hoping around the grounds between tree branches and buildings. Thomas came over to join me and we ventured down a little jungle path only to find more beautiful birds and tiny monkeys. There was monkey food, grapes and bananas, in buckets by the side of the path. The monkeys scurried over and ever-so-gently reached through the fence to take the grape from your fingers.

Thomas feeding grapes to a monkey

It was like we were in a hidden jungle forest in the middle of Beverly Hills.

Jungle paths at the Playboy Mansion

We then went on a tour of the grounds, led by Lauren, where we saw the tennis courts, game house, guest house and the largest redwood grove in Southern California. Toward the end of the tour we ducked out and went and played with this beautiful lady, Nana.

Nana the bird and me

Thomas and his new girlfriend Nana

She was so gentle and really had no interest in parting ways with Thomas. She groomed my hair and nibbled on his collar. She was a delight.

Enough for now... more tomorrow!